Quick Tips:  Canada Dollar 1966 – Large vs Small Beads

The easiest way to determine a Large Beads from a Small Beads dollar is to imagine drawing a line through the I of REGINA and follow it to the beads.  The Large Beads will be off centre from the middle of the I.  The Small Beads will have a bead centred right in the middle of the I.

Large Beads

Small Beads

Quick Tips:  Identify Relief

A common mistake of the newer collector submitting coins to ICCS is recognizing the 1951 High Relief 5-cent nickel variety.  Not that identifying the High Relief obverse is the problem, but remembering to check the reverse of the coin and making sure that it’s the Beaver reverse and not the Commemorative reverse.

Low Relief + identifier details

High Relief + identifier details

Commemorative + identifier details